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Botei, is a website oriented to give incentive to parents and family that have children with birth defects to help look for possible alternatives to achieve the biggest degree of recovery. That is, either looking for and consulting different specialist doctors, consulting books, libraries, navigating on the internet or communicating to others the problem. Many times the parents hide the problems that their children have for fear, shame or other reason, but when commenting with other people, very positive results can be known from other same or very similar cases to those that their children are suffering.

This webpage, is based on Josefa's history; a girl that was born with missing fingers and toes. Here we explain about the long treatment to reconstruct the fingers of her hands. But mainly the message that we want to transmit is that with patience, force, value and mainly with love you can achieve the maximum possible, to return to your boy or girl their natural form of facing life with any problem with which the child has been born. Obviously we know that there are some birth defects that are very difficult to treat or simply that cannot be treated yet; but at least the possible alternatives should be looked at a solution even though it is minimal, since that little bit of help will serve forever in the life to that beloved that so much needs it.

Josefa, adjusting the device

Punctually here we want to show that in the world somebody can do something for the hands of children that, like Josefa, have this defect from birth. This is reconstructive surgery which gives to him/her functionality of the hands. Our hands give us the capacity to almost carry out all the daily tasks of our life and, of course, the capacity for work to become independent and not have to depend on others.
Josefa's parents looked for and had interviews with many doctors in the state of Florida, but none of them offered the possibility near to the treatment realized by Dr. Norman J. Cowen. Only by the divine help of God, they arrived until this doctor that filled them with hope the day that they had their first appointment in the city of Bowie, Maryland in October of 1997. It is for this reason that they want to show to the world what is possible to achieve, this "miracle", and that with patience and a lot of love for your son or daughter, you can achieve what you want.

Enjoying a country day

Of course this procedure brings with it a tremendous emotional, physical and economic cost; and more still when the patient and his/her family are far from home to carry out this long and difficult treatment, which requires many surgeries, and stress that make feel very hard moments.

The Name Botei

The name of the site Botei, comes from the first words which very tiny Josefa said before entering to the operating room, due to when the pre-operative process began with measuring the blood pressure, the temperature, etc., she began to cry because logically she didn't realize what was happening, so the only thing that was said was Botei, Botei.

With the passing of time Josefa's parents realized what she meant in those two words. It is that she wanted to express something so simple but so deep as a I love you, but this I love you so special of Josefa also meant "Mom, Dad, don't leave me alone."
At this moment Josefa continues using these words, but now she knows what they mean very well and, her parents also adopted this term to tell her how much they love their pretty daughter.

Now know all, express all the love that you feel toward a loved one with a couple of simple words "Botei, Botei".


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