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Josefa is a little girl who today is 16 years old. Since she was born she has known how to face life in a way different to that most of people. Not only to have been born with missing fingers and toes, but also because she projects an image that makes her a very special person.
She has been operated on from the age of ten months, having already 23  surgeries. She has known how to face, with a lot of courage, the whole traumatic process of going to many doctors and hospitals. During the whole process from surgery until care post operative, Josefa has lived far from her home, her toys and her friends. But she has found a second home in Washington D.C.. This home full with warmth and love, is the Ronald Mc Donald House. There she has known how to share her special love with other children who suffer from cancer and other illnesses.

Dos años de edad

She has lived there, and far from their home in Florida, because the doctor who is making her new fingers carries out his work in this area. The Doctor has created her small fingers that today (thanks to God) she can count and use with a lot of force, to play and to share her enthusiasm with people of all ages since her reflective a special charm for the life that God has given her. She lives a very happy life in spite of everything she has faced in her short lifetime.

Josefa has Chilean parents. She was born in April of 1997 in Boca Raton Community Hospital, in the city of the same name, in the state of Florida, United States.
Currently she attends school at American Heritage School. She is very happy in her class, where she shares with her classmates all the pretty activities that they carry out.


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