Right Hand Surgeries

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Josefa's tiny right hand at birth. Notice that she only has practically one finger on this hand. The ring finger is attached to the little finger, and in turn his is very thin.

(June 14th, 1997).

One of the first surgeries carried out on Josefa was to take out some bones of her own hand and insert them as knuckles manoplasties. Next they separated the fingers that were previously joined.

(Abril 14th, 1998).

This image is just after having finished the surgery to insert the device and begin the lengthening process.

(June 10th, 1999).

After more than two months of the lengthening process, notice the difference of position of the horizontal bars compared with the previous picture.

(August 16th, 1999).

This image is taken with the palm up. It shows the surgery to remove the device and to divide what has grown with the one that has lengthened in the index finger and the middle finger.

(June 10th, 1999).

A few days after the surgery indicated in the previous picture. There are several wounds which will disappear with continuous soaking using a special antiseptic soap.

(June 20th, 1999).

Here the thumb was opened a little more; also the separation of the middle finger from the ring one, and be adjustments to the tendon of the ring finger.

(May 11th, 2000).

This is the way her hand is at the moment. In a future surgery they will straighten out the fingers which are bent and will adjust the tendon of the ring finger again.

(March 1st, 2001).


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