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Next to her Dad

Josefa lives in the city of Boca Raton, in the state of Florida, USA. The family arrived to United States in the year 1994. Her father is a professional in the area of computer systems and for career reasons he moved from Citibank Santiago, Chile to the Fort Lauderdale regional offices at Citigroup.

Since Josefa was born her mother, has dedicated her life to Josefa, because the treatments requires maximum dedication and constant observation so as not to leave any possibility to interrupt the treatments for infections or other possible causes. Also, because the Doctor maintain his practice in the Washington D.C. area , it is necessary to live there the whole time pre- and post-operative. In spite of, since Josefa arrives to the world she has had to face a lot of anguish and to weigh, she feels a full and specially blissful person as mother. Today is very happy and with great part of the goal for her daughter already fulfilled. At the moment Josefa and her mother attend the same school, Josefa as student and her Mom as a teacher of Spanish.

Next to her Mom
Next to her Grandma..Lucy

Specially important in this long treatment and in Josefa's life, has been her maternal grandmother that has accompanied her in all the surgeries. Their presence and collaboration has helped her to overcome the whole trauma that means to live so much time outside of house for the surgeries and the difficult thing that she turns out to have to fight with the unsuitabilities characteristic of this process. On the other hand, Josefa is a very active girl and she doesn't give any space to develop another activity that is not to attend her in all moment, especially in the months post operative in that should not only be taken care of the daily activities of her, but rather they should also be carried out from 3 to 4 soaks a day to the hand operated with a special antiseptic soap for this situation. This activity requires of a dedication of more than one hour every time.
Then Lucy, as affectionately calls Josefa to her grandmother, she should be in these functions and supporting their daughter in this so hard stage that God gave them to live.
Her grandmother travels every time from Santiago of Chile to Miami and then they are two days of a long cross country trip to Washington D.C., but always, Lucy realize all this impressive task with a lot of happiness and a lot of optimism and always thinking in that everything will be very successful for her dear granddaughter.


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